A Tale of Two Characters John Cena and Margot Robbie’s Unexpected Connection in Barbie

John Cena's First Look, Merman for Barbie Movie

John Cena Shines as Atlantean Merman Ken, A Unique Portrayal in the Barbie Cinematic Universe.

John Cena's First Look, Merman for Barbie Movie
John Cena’s First Look, Merman for Barbie Movie

John Cena’s remarkable portrayal of Ken, the Atlantean merman, sets him apart from other Kens in the movie. As a cherished addition to the Barbie lineup, Undersea King Ken, also known as Merman Ken, was an obvious choice for the franchise’s first cinematic adventure. Cena’s involvement in the film came about through a convincing conversation with Margot Robbie, his co-star in previous projects.

John Cena’s Expanding Acting Profile

With each new release, Cena’s acting profile continues to flourish. While he played a significant supporting role in “Fast X” earlier this year, his forthcoming project takes a completely different direction. In Greta Gerwig’s “Barbie,” the multi-time World Champion will embody a mermaid version of Ken, providing fans with a sneak peek of Cena in his stunning costume.

The Potential for Barbie 2 and Liv Morgan’s Role

Considering the possibility of a sequel to “Barbie,” it is only fitting that Liv Morgan be part of the cast. At the very least, she could serve as an exceptional stunt double for Margot Robbie or even portray an in-universe character as Barbie herself. Currently, Morgan’s focus lies on her successful WWE career, where she teams up with Raquel Rodriguez to dominate the wrestling world. Nevertheless, a collaboration between Mattel and WWE could create a new Barbie doll modeled after Morgan.

Liv Morgan’s Connection to Margot Robbie

For those less familiar with Liv Morgan and professional wrestling, her encounter with Margot Robbie is a tale that feels like it has been years in the making. WWE fans began drawing comparisons between Morgan and Robbie in 2020 during Morgan’s villainous turn in the company. Observant viewers couldn’t help but notice the striking resemblance between Morgan’s character and Robbie’s portrayal of Harley Quinn in Suicide Squad.

Morgan’s Inspirations and Halloween Costume

During an episode of Table Talk 3D, Liv Morgan disclosed that although she hadn’t seen Margot Robbie’s performance in Suicide Squad when she first created her persona, she was undoubtedly familiar with the iconic Batman villain, Harley Quinn. Over time, Morgan became a fan of Robbie and began incorporating looks reminiscent of the actress’s on-screen appearances into her wrestling attire, all while avoiding any copyright issues. However, she did pay homage to Harley Quinn by dressing up as the character for Halloween, further showcasing the striking similarities between her and Robbie.

John Cena’s portrayal of the Atlantean merman Ken in “Barbie” stands out from other Kens in the movie, cementing his unique contribution to the franchise. Liv Morgan’s resemblance to Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn has sparked interest among fans, making her a potential candidate for a future Barbie installment or collaboration with WWE. As Cena’s acting career continues to flourish, and Morgan’s wrestling journey progresses, both stars leave a lasting impression on the entertainment industry.

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